Video of the Day 1/10/2009 — Obama’s War

Martin Smith. Frontline. 1 October 2009.

This video was first brought to my attention by a post over at War News Updates. The editor of that site linked favorably to the summary of the video over at Danger Room, where Noah Shactman states, “It’s best televised look I’ve seen yet at how these marines live and fight. And it really should be required viewing for everyone trying to figure out America’s next steps in Afghanistan.”

I could not agree any more. Americans don’t think much about Afghanistan, and when they do it is as a parlor discussion, alien to our own expeirences. This video changes that.

The full episode of Frontline will not be available until the 13th. However, the first 24 minutes can be seen in the video embedded above. Frontline has also published interviews with Andrew Exum, John Nagl, and Stanley McChrystal that are worth looking over.

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