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Tanner Greer is an essayist, journalist, and independent researcher. In addition to his work for the Scholar’s Stage and its podcast, his writing has been published by America’s premier foreign policy outlets (like Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy), its largest conservative magazines (like The American Conservative and The National Review), and in various journals of American arts and letters (such as The LA Review of Books and Tablet). Those interested in a full list of his outside publications can find that here. As a supplement to this public writing, Greer occasionally consults for government and private clients. Potential clients may read more about that here.

That is the “resume-proper” synopsis of my work. As curious readers regularly ask—and sometimes pester—to know more about my biography, a less formal and more fun life sketch is appropriate:  after a childhood spent moving across the United States, I secured admission to a small, tropical university that most of you have never heard of. There I studied history and political science, with a special focus on the warrings of ancient China. My life since has been one of swerves: in the last decade I have preached the gospel on Boston streets, taught Homer to the children of Beijing billionaires, photographed invasion sites on Taiwan’s beaches, been bruised blue in Cambodian fight rings, and quarreled with officials in old “State, War, and Navy” haunts. I speak Khmer poorly, Mandarin Chinese passably, and dabble in Classical Chinese when time allows. I currently live in Washington DC: I plan on staying here at least until I finish Folly, a history of the American people in the 21st century.

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