Reading Assignment

Last week Prospect Magazine published a significant essay written by Boston University professor of international relations Stephen Kinzer. The ideas contained inside are more than reasonable, though they will be deemed radical by most who read it.  If you can only read one article today, I ask that it be this one:
Stephen Kinzer. Prospect. 14 June 2010.
Professor Kinzer proposes that a new ‘power triangle’ become the foundation of America’s position in the Middle East. America, says he, has two natural allies in the region: Turkey and Iran. Yes, that Iran. 

It is my belief that America’s global alliance structure is dangerously outdated and in need of several major realignments. I have planned to write series of posts detailing my thoughts on the matter, and Mr. Kinzer’s essay has given me the impetus to start. It is my suggestion that the readership of the Stage read his piece carefully. Though they differ in a few details, the central ideas of his essay mirror my own.     

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