Notes From All Over: 9/24

I have been quite busy the past week, and as such, I have left this blog woefully unattended. For those who just happen to get their world affairs fix here, I can imagine that this would be quite a tragedy.

Yet not all is lost. I have had just enough time to keep up with the news, and have been able to collect a few articles worth reading:

  • Speaking of free trade, this month’s issue of Diplomatic Courier has an interesting piece titled, “The Politics of Food Aid.” In the piece, Emily Geminder recognizes the current system of food aid as one of the root causes of our world’s food crisis. (For those interested in my perspective on the issue, read the post: “The Myth of Missing Aid.“)
  • The New York Times has posted a wonderful compilation of Iraqi opinions on the future of Iraq and the presence of American troops there. In a similar vein, Real Clear World is presenting series of posts showcasing the experiences of FSOs across Iraq’s various provinces.
  • Pakistan has been thrown into complete chaos.
  • This has to be the best deconstruction of the absurd American practice of giving our ambassadorships to political appointees I have yet to see.


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