Learning From Our Defeat: The Assumptions of Donald Rumsfeld

One hopes for statesmen chastened by defeat. In this world of our hopes, the authors of catastrophe would discuss their mistakes with the humility, introspection, and sense of disgrace these mistakes deserve. Decisions that led to death—death in its thousands and hundreds of thousands—would be examined with probing honesty. The decision makers behind them would be seized with a fierce guilt and urgency. They would quest to understand the nature of their errors. They would incessantly press upon us the lessons of experience, gripped with fear that the next generation might repeat their calamities.

One can imagine such a statesman, chastened by defeat. Douglas Feith is not he.

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Collateral Murder? The Footage Wikileaks Left Out

Wikileaks edited and presented this incident in a manner that can be called nothing but blatantly dishonest. This video presents portions of the full 40 minute video that Wikileaks left out.  At this moment it has received 500 hits. The Wikileaks video has received 5 million. I ask my readers to spread this video to […]

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Notes From All Over 23/05/2009

Notes From All Over: A collection of recently published articles, essays, reports, or blog posts of merit. Life shall require my attention for the nest week, so please do not expect much in the way of new posts. In order to meet my readership’s desire for important world news updates and intelligent analysis, I have […]

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