Notes From All Over: 17/10/2008

Here is the full list of notable blog posts, articles, and editorials published in the last two weeks that I was too lazy to blog about but are worth passing along anyway:

  • Green Inc has an interesting post up on Polish efforts to block the next EU carbon-caps regime. While I dislike the general tone of the post, I think it contains a lesson most environmentalists should take to heart: you will fail miserably if don’t find a way for nations to cut carbon emissions without handing over their national sovereignty.
  • Speaking of environmentalists, Chicago Magazine has published a must-read article on conservation policy. In addition to quashing the “pristine rain forest” myth many seem so apt to believe, it chronicles the ever-rare event of an environmental policy done right.
  • Tajikistan- the future of democracy? Diplomatic Courier makes a pretty strong case as to why it could (and with U.S. support, should) be so. Delights are found in unexpected places, eh?

  • Foreign Policy Watch has posted a very smart analysis on the strategic challenges created by an assertive Russia. Also provided is a comprehensive list of policy recommendations that should help America overcome the said challenges.
  • I really love Robert Gates. Really.
  • And to cap it all off, I present to you a truly impressive feat of journalism (in Rolling Stone no less!) from Nir Rosen, the man who had the grit to embed with the Taliban. His story is interesting, and his account of the inner workings of Taliban-controlled Afghanistan is one of the best I have seen yet.


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FPW’s Matt Eckel has apparently never heard of the NNSA and is activities with respect to what used to be termed Cooperative Threat Reduction. That program is running very smoothly, despite US-Russian frictions.