Additions to the Blog Roll

As part of The Scholar’s Stage‘s face lift, I have updated the blogroll on this site. The “Blogs of Note” now selects 10 random blogs from my personal reading list. Along with this change came the addition of several blogs to the list. I will offer a brief highlight of these for the benefit of my readers:

Foreign Policy has decided to enter the 21st century with their new website. With this reengineering if their online presence, they have been able to get a diverse group of international relations experts to blog for their magazine. The highlights include Shadow Government, a blog ran by a group of former government officials now delegated to the ‘loyal opposition’, Best Defense, a one man show put on by Thomas Ricks, senior fellow at the CNAS, and Daniel W. Drezner, an international relations blog ran by a Tufts University professor of the same name.

I have greatly expanded my coverage of Northeast Asia with the addition of a few Japanese and Sino-centric blogs. Observing Japan is probably the best resource I have yet to come across for deep and insightful commentary on Japanese politics. Shisaku and Global Talk21 are also blogs where I have found some quality analysis on Japanese foreign relations and domestic politics. China Beat is a blog focusing on domestic and international media coverage of China and is always an interesting read. And to top this section off, we have Trans-Pacific Radio, a podcast and news portal full of economic and political analysis of the issues coming out of Northeast Asia.

Threesources is a blog I comment too much on not to add it to the blogroll. While only loosely related to the broader vision of The Scholar’s Stage, it is very much a place I go to keep on track of right-wing news and commentary.

Fabius Maximus is another blog I find myself checking daily. While I disagree with FM on more than one count, the blog is a wellspring of insightful and informed analysis on issues surrounding geopolitics. Douglas Farah, former WaPo Bureau Chief, is another smart geopolitical analyst whose material is always worth reading.

My final addition to the blogroll is Zenpundit, a blog whose posts ranges from 4th Generation Warfare to cognitive studies, depending on the fancy of the author.

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You’re a 12th-grader? Well done, my lad, well done. Had you not said that, I would not have guessed it (and I mean that in the best possible way.)

Thanks for mentioning us.

Yes indeed. It happens to be my selling point. “A twelth grader could write THAT?

But I thank you for the kind words. I will be sure to send you a link next time I mention Japan.

~T. Greer, happy to mention good material.