Does The Executive Branch Suffer From a Learning Disability?

It must. For try as I might, I cannot come up with another explanation for this:
Saeed Shah. McClatchey’s News. 18 July 2010.

The U.S. will announce Monday hundreds of millions of dollars worth of civilian aid projects for Pakistan, American officials said, in an attempt to demonstrate that Washington has broadened its relationship with the country, away from just anti-terror cooperation to helping the people of Pakistan.

The men up top have read the same reports I have – and then some. They know that it is next to impossible to exercise oversight on developmental aid sent to Pakistan. They know that the aid we do send is funneled away into corruption-filled voids. And they know that increasing the amount of money we spend in Pakistan will not change the region’s basic strategic calculus or stop the ISI from training the insurgents that are killing American soldiers.
A learning disability. It is the only excuse they have left.

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