Working on Something Big. ‘Til Then, Some Mobbery

In the meanwhile, the readership may find this piece worth their time::

“Joseph Fouche.” Committee of Public Safety. 31 July 2010. 
What little I have to say on the causes of mob action, the general efficacy of its use, and the other issues raised by Fouche’s post can be found in this thread at Zenpundit’s place. Here I add only this: Americans have walked many paths in their journey through history. If the Oligarchy of Good Intentions has truly consolidated their hold on the Republic to the point where legitimate political engagement is insufficient to dislodge them, there are far better trails to tread than that cut by 19th century mobsters. Our heritage has given us a greater inheritance. Lest it be forgot, this is not the first time in American history where a disparate, dependent, and disenfranchised citizenry was subject to exploitation by a ruling elite. 

Need we mobs? Perhaps freedom might be better served by a little civil disobedience.

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