Video of the Day 27/11/09 – Massacre in Mindanao

Al Jazeera. 26 November 2009.
This video is the best I have yet seen on the Mindanao massacre. Al Jazeera has once again has trumped Western news organizations in investigative ability.

The composure of Ismael Mangudadatu is astounding. To lose a wife and a sister and still have the fortitude to carry on the campaign and reject reprisal killings – it is astounding. The world needs more men like Ismael Mangudadatu. One can only hope that he wins the campaign.

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I haven't watched too much Al Jazeera English but it sounds like their coverage is really quite good. Certainly this is the case with Al Jazeera Arabic. They are often in places where no other reporters dare to go, and they have historically often been the Arab network that breaks the big stories.

The folks over at Coming Anarchy had good discussion of Al Jaezeera's merits (or lack thereof) a few weeks ago. As I said there, AJE simply swamps other news networks when it comes to hard news content. I do not, however, have enough experience with AJ Arabic to comment on its coverage.