Travels and Meet Ups

One quick announcement for the readership: posting will probably be light over the next three weeks, as I will be spending that time away from Beijing, instead criss-crossing my way across America. I will certainly spend at least a week in Utah, and a week in DC, and possibly a bit of time in Texas as well. If you would like to meet up–or if you know anyone in these places you think I ought to meet–please send me a message and we will see if we can make it happen. You can contact me on twitter here, or through my e-mail, which can be seen on the right side-bar. 

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Haven't visited this blog in quite a long time.

I notice this was posted on Jan. 17. (Though the date and time of posting do not appear on the front page and I had to hit "show original post" in the comment box to find the date.) Had I seen it earlier, might have suggested trying to meet in D.C. or environs.