I ask my readers to excuse me for the relative dearth of posts over the last month or two. The back log of posts is reaching intolerable levels, but it cannot be helped. In two weeks I will be moving away from the Hawaiian islands. Preparation for this move has swallowed up most of the free time I would normally devote to posting here–or engaging with the questions commentators have posed in recent threads. Things will be more settled at the end of April, at which point posting should continue at a more regular pace.

 I shall be leaving Oahu on April 15th and will spend the rest of that week (to the 20th) in Chicago. For at least a month afterwards I shall be living in Northern Utah. If there are any readers who  live in the Chicago metro or along the Wasatch Front and would like to meet up, feel free to send me a message via the Scholar’s Stage e-mail on the right. 

P.S. Other readers are welcome to consider this an “open thread” where they are free to discuss anything they would like (or anything they would like to bring to my attention). Suggestions on how I could improve the quality of this site are always welcome. Once things are settled down my goal is to post at least twice a week. I am also considering posting more short posts of this sort–that is, interesting excerpts from the books and articles I read that do not need detailed commentary on my part to be worth sharing.

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Good luck with the move. Hawaii to Chicago to Utah is quite a switch even in spring.

By the way, one reason why I think that its so important to define one's terms when talking about economic history is that the discussion tends to bring people with different backgrounds together (and neither the jargon of history nor that of economics is really suited for the task).

I'd just like to say as a fan of your blog, I'd very much appreciate shorter posts spiced in between your longer one.