Strategic Blinders

A question:
Why is it that when one of India’s more influential English-language  policy journals devotes an entire issue towards “stepping up in Afghanistan”, nobody in the rest of the English speaking world notices?
 India’s role in the region means something, right?
Now, the Indian Army quickly shot the idea down, but I find it worrisome that none of the COINdistas which inhabitant the media and blogosphere ever said a word about Pragati‘s proposals. Can such omissions be justified? Many important trends go unobserved by Americans because they are written in Arabic, Chinese, or another language impossible to decipher. This was written in English. It was written in English and placed on a website free and accessible to all with an internet connection.
Americans live in a bubble, oblivious to the events and ideas that exist outside of it. Ours is a society whose strategic vision is impaired by self imposed blinders.
For those interested in Indian affairs, I recommend two blogs hosted by Pragati‘s parent institution: The Acorn and Pragmatic Euphony. There are also a multitude of Indian newspapers that are published in English.

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