One More Website To Waste Your Days Away….

I came across the website Five Books today. The gist is this: every day the website interviews one politician, scholar, or pundit by asking them to pick the best five books on their self-selected “specialty subject” and explain why these five books ought to be read by the broader public and how these books influenced their personal or scholarly view of the chosen subject.

Most of the interviews are valuable simply for the books they bring to the reader’s attention. The best interviews, however, are worth reading for the interview itself. Links to a few of the latter sort can be found below:

How Libertarians Can Govern
Interview w. Governor Mitch Daniels. Five Books. 4 July 2010.

Traditional and Liberal Conservatism
Interview w. Brick Lindsey. Five Books. 15 August 2010.

The Cultural Revolution
Interview w. Rod MacFarquhar. Five Books. 22 June 2010.

War and Intellect
Interview w. Peter Paret. Five Books. 4 August 2010.

The Thrill of Diplomacy
Interview with Mike Maclay. Five Books. 9 July 2010.

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