Confucius and I

Rufus F, of the League of Ordinary Gentleman, has written an interesting post on the Confucian way of politics. Its centerpiece is a lengthy excerpt from a previous discussion in which this author took part. Those interested in a few of my thoughts concerning the Chinese political order circa 450 BC are encouraged to read Rufus’ post.

While not an expert, I am far more comfortable with classical Chinese history than are most Westerners. It is my belief that the words of the Zuo Zhuan and Sima Qian are of the same value as those found in the annals of Tacitus and or the accounts of Thucydides. If popular interests exists, I would be glad to devote a series of posts to the notable ideas, men, military stratagems, and political machinations of China’s classical canon. 

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May I be of assistance? Yours truly am thoroughly fluent & well versed in Mandarin & during my early adolescence have had an avid interest in the ideologies, individuals, wiles of war, & Machiavellianism that was the prevalent norm of that era.

Then I shall have to go forward with it. Not for a few months though – as mentioned previously, I currently find myself far away from my main library, and it is with the materials found there I would use for the basis of my posts.

YT- I shall be glad to call upon any assistance you wish to offer, when the time comes. Your offer is appreciated.