Community Announcements: August 2021

Two announcements for the Scholar’s Stage community members.

First of all, my collection of “Notes From All Over” for the months of July and August have been posted to Patreon. It can be read here.

This month’s Zoom-hosted “Ask Me Anything” style chat for the highest tier community members on Patreon is devoted to the question “What Does China Want?” I have these Q&As om the last Tuesday of every month. Each one is devoted to a different topic. The Zoom Q&A for the 31st of August will be devoted to the topic of “What Does China Want?”

I have written about this topic in many publications (Tablet, Palladium, Foreign Policy, the Lowy Institute) and several times on The Scholar’s Stage. If you have questions about the Communist Party of China’s intentions for international order, or want me to address objections to the case I have made, this is a great forum to raise those questions!

I will be hosting  the Q&A from 8:30 EST to 9:30. We will be using Zoom to host the  discussion. The invite for the meeting is found on Patreon.

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Really enjoyed the The Zoom Q&A and the depth you provided in your answers. Look forward to sitting in on more in the future. Cheers!