Announcements: Washington DC Meet Up, First Zoom “Ask Me Anything”

Two fun announcements for the Scholar’s Stage readership.

Every month I will be doing one Zoom-hosted “Ask Me Anything” style chat for the highest tier community members on Patreon. I am going to try and aim to have these consistently on the last Tuesday of every month. Each one will be devoted to a different topic: the Zoom Q&A for the 27th of July will be devoted to the topic of “culture wars and the future of American conservatism.” If recent pieces of mine on this topic (e.g. “Culture Wars Are Long Wars,” “The Problem of the New Right,” etc) have left you with questions, this is the time to raise them. I will be hosting the Zoom Q&A from 8:30 EST to 9:30. A link will be provided to highest tier members on Patreon the night before.

Now that vaccines are out, I would like to continue the in-person meet-ups we unfortunately had to discontinue because of the pandemic. The details are still being sketched out, but the plan is that for early Autumn I will be visiting the cities of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, and hope to have meet ups in each. But to kick the season off we will have the second Scholar’s Stage Washington DC meet up on the evening of 29 July 2021. These meet-ups are informal, fun, and free. You do not have to be a Patreon member to attend. Any reader in the DC area is welcome to come!1

If you are interested in attending and meeting me in person, please send an email to [scholars_stage((at))protonmail((dot))com] and I will provide you with the details.

I look forward to meeting you all!


Also: For those of you who remember last year’s disastrous location, you’ll be happy to learn I’ve found a better public locale this time around!

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Alas, I’m busy this fall…but will be making periodic trips to Boston to hang with buddies, I’ll try to catch the next one. Hope everybody has a great time!

Another taxpayer paid pipe dream.we should atleast be realistic in reviewing these so called concepts on defense blogs unlike mainstream broadsheets whose reporters can’t differentiate between Su30 and a c130 as pointed out by the authors