A Poll For the Readership

Not too long ago I wrote:

I have been a little busy this last week. Odds are that I will be busy over the next week as well. The wait should be worth it, however – I have written drafts of several posts that might just pique the readership’s interest. Later this week I should have time to hammer down their specifics and get them published.

It turns out the last bit was a lie. This author does not have the time this week to hammer down the specifics of all these posts and get them published. But he might have the time to hammer down the specifics of some of these posts.
This leaves me with a dilemma. I have some seven-odd outlines, notes, or half finished posts in my blogger workbox which, if published now, would be significantly behind the news stories that prompted me to start them. I would like to get them out of the way so I can start on new projects, but I am unsure of which I should work to finish first.
Thus I offer this post as a poll for my readership. Listed below are the topics of these various posts, their order determined by the relative percentage of the post that has already been completed (i.e. posts half written are at the top; outlines are at the bottom). All post titles are tentative.
“Haiti and the Washington Consensus” – An argument against those who claim that Haiti is the perfect case example of a “free market failure”.

“Choose Your Meme With Care” – Building on my discussion of the dangers of historical metaphors, this post looks at the perils that confront all who use metaphors to justify policy.

“Mega Bills: A Disease Upon Democracy” – Lengthy legislation is deteriorating our democratic system. (Also an extension of a previous discussion). 

“Grand Strategy in the Post American World” –  An evaluation of the grand strategy advocated by Fareed Zakaria in his The Post American World.
“A New Way Forward for Global Development?” – Debating the pros and cons of the Obama Administration’s draft reforms of the United State’s development and aid architecture.
Untitled I Making a strange case: for its own good, as well as the good of everybody else concerned with environmental issues, the environmental lobby needs to drop climate change from their agenda.
“SWAT Nation: The Implications of our War on Drugs”  – Both a response to a few critics of my previous post on SWAT tactics and a broader discussion of the ways our war on drugs is tearing the Republic at its seams.
Untitled II – New opinion polls show that the American people have no faith in the elite, American institutions, or America itself. Some thoughts as to why this is so.

“Göbekli Tepe” – On the implications of Göbekli Tepe, the oldest man made structure in existence.
Sound off in the comments to tell me which of these posts ought to be finished first.

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I'd be interested in your take on the book "Grand Strategy in the Post American World."